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To aid in the releasing of bodily armoring that keeps the consciousness of union concealed, students are encouraged to explore the many different forms of bodywork and movement education.  Rolfing Structural Integration remains the preferred form of bodywork to release the deep tensions and holdings in the body.  Traeger is excellent for activating sensations.  Reiki sessions can smooth out the waves that powerful bodywork stimulates.  The practice of Watsu takes bodywork into the water and allows releases and surrenders that aren’t so easily available on dry land.  The many different breath therapies--Reichian, Rebirthing, Holotropic--can be of great help in clearing away the restrictions to a breath that wants to move through the entire body.  

The field of bodywork is vast.  Find practitioners with whom you resonate, preferably ones who view their work in the context of spiritual practices, and explore what they have to offer.


It is my belief that in two hundred years time, when Buddhist scholars look back on how Buddha dharma developed in the West, it will be noted that deep bodywork became an integral part of the meditational path.

Every meditator should be Rolfed.
         Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

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