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Exercise & Nutrition

The body is our temple and must be maintained as such if we are truly sincere about manifesting the embodied state.  Resistance training builds strength.  Aerobics exercise encourages endurance. Pilates has been shown to be particularly compatible with the structural goals of Embodiment Training as have traditional hatha yoga, the Five TIbetan Rites, and the wide range of martial arts.  The form of exercise you choose is less important than your commitment to explore it on a regular basis.

You are what you eat, and so Rumi stresses the importance of eating lightly with periodic fasting. While it is important to eat well and lightly, choosing foods known to be healthy, avoiding foods known to be unhealthy, and to drink a minimum of six glasses of pure water daily, it is very difficult to receive the micronutrients that our cells apparently require for optimum health and protection from chronic degenerative disease from our food alone.  It is highly recommended, therefore, that you supplement your diet with the highest quality nutritional supplements.

While I in no way diagnose or treat specific illnesses, I have specific recommendations for dietary supplements that support the transition into a more vital, embodied state.  Contact if you wish to discuss these recommendations.

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