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Sudaba: The Faraji Dance Troupe

The insights of Embodiment Training reveal themselves the most palpably and clearly to practitioners who are exploring the physical posture of balance.  Playing with balance allows the energies latent in the body to explode open.  In a standing posture the practitioner then yields to these liberated currents of energy, allowing them to move him or her however they want.  These movements spontaneously initiate an expression of dance, and everybody’s dance will be unique.  The dance may range from completely surrendered and unpremeditated movements to something resembling a spontaneous form of tai chi to more intentional stretching like yoga asanas.  There is no goal to the dance, no end place that you are trying to get to.  There is only movement, surrender, and awareness. 


The veil of the mind depends on stillness of the body.  When you connect with the current that constantly wants to move, the veil lifts.  We refer to these practices as Sudaba which is short for the Surrendered Dance of Balance.  Faraji is a Sufi word meaning split wide open.  All practitioners of Sudaba may consider themselves integral members of the worldwide Faraji Dance Troupe.
The main text for this practice is Yoga of the Mahamudra:  The Mystical Way of Balance by Will Johnson (Inner Tradtions, 2005).

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